HSE performance is paramount to Actis Oil & Gas and will be managed as an integral part of
our business. It is our responsibility to protect people and the environment through the
setting of high standards of performance and promotion of continuous improvement.
Leadership comes from the Board of Directors and cascades throughout the organisation to
every employee and contractor working for Actis Oil & Gas Ltd.
We shall achieve this by:

 Management commitment to promotion of a leading HSE culture.

 Complying with all HSE laws and regulations and adoption of industry good

 Engaging with employees, contractors and partners to manage the risks
associated with activities, achieve performance consistent with Actis’s objectives
and to prevent pollution.

 Working systematically to eliminate accidents and incidents, ensuring timely
investigation and application of preventative measures.

 Minimisation of the consequences of any incident through the establishment
and testing of effective emergency plans.

 Applying challenging HSE objectives and continuously monitor our performance
against these.

 Systematically evaluating the effectiveness of our management system to
ensure continuous learning and improvement.

 Adequately resource the HSE requirements of the business and ensure those
involved understand their HSE roles and responsibilities.

Employees, contractors and others working on behalf of Actis Oil & Gas will be expected to
comply with this policy.

Signed by: David Marsden
Chief Executive Officer
Actis Oil & Gas Limited